How do you determine whether your organization is ready for a disaster?
After your only accountant has a heart attack?
After the building burns to the ground?
After the floor above you floods your server room?

When do you decide that your business processes are a mess and simply do not work?
After you lose your largest contract?
After your best salesperson leaves?
After the three people who make up customer support take vacation at the same time?

When do you realize out that your IT services are out of control?
When you buy VMWare and no one knows how to use it?
When you realize there is no disk space left?
When you find out the system manager is leaving. Tomorrow. TOMORROW?!?!


Planning to keep your company running means more than simply getting two clients instead of one, or a customer in the door every day to shop, or an entire neighborhood with lawns to cut. You have to chose the right PEOPLE, IT Infrastructure, applications and resiliency planning choices in order to ensure your company keeps running no matter what happens! Let us help you by analyzing your business – from processes to IT to business continuity.